Guerrilla Activist, Cognitive Evangelist or Truth Team? Exploring Next Generation Data Roles

In her Opening Keynote, Liz Lyon will begin by presenting a short personal retrospective of the data successes and achievements of the last decade, citing examples from both policy and practice. She will examine where we are now as a reality check, in order to understand what research data services and data roles are currently established and operational. Liz will then explore a number of emerging or next generation data zones, drawing on recent media headlines, technological developments and societal concerns – these will include addressing data at risk, thinking beyond data analytics and promoting transparency and trust in open science. A suite of next gen data roles will be presented, which seek to expand our understanding of data science in the broadest sense, but also to raise questions for data practitioners, faculty scholars and the wider public. The talk will close with a look at some of the challenges and opportunities for data and information professionals in this brave new data world.