RUMOUR-2017 Workshop on Social Media and the Web of Linked Data Part 1

RUMOUR-2017 aims to gather innovative approaches for exploitation of social media using semantic web technologies and linked data by bringing together research on the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and the Social Sciences. The aim of this workshop is to expand an internationally appreciated forum for scientific research in ICT, based on fields as semantic web, social networks and multi-agent systems, knowledge integration, etc.

The workshop will bring together practitioners, researchers, and scholars to share examples, cases, theories, and analysis of social media and linked data in order to address the intersection among these areas. This intersection includes not only the challenges of problems such as the understanding and acting upon large-scale data of different kinds, provenance, and reliability, but also the use of these media for crisis management, which involves issues of credibility, accountability, trustworthiness, privacy, authenticity, and provision of provenance information.

This workshop runs over two days:

  • June 22 2-5pm
  • June 23 9am-12pm

For more information, including submission instructions, see workshop webpage.